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corrugated cardboard,paper box

jing xing paper is north zhejiang the local scale biggest specialty corrugated cardboard, the paper box packing material enterprise primarily. the variety by has the price and quality competitive advantage three, five and seven corrugated cardboard, the paper box primarily, enhances unceasingly along with the product scale, the product mix optimizes unceasingly, has the great popularity in the same profession. in specialized contract upscale cardboard, paper box service.

the product is manufacturing firm''s soul, does not have words of the good product many undeserved praise is the nihility, the company is strict to the product request, from paper''s utilization to printing, produces goods until the end product, this looked that resembled the simple flow to contain the numerous specialized knowledge actually, the company is relying on to these procedure profound understanding enables enterprise''s product to achieve the extremely high level in the quality. solid, reliable, fine lifelike color, causes enterprise''s customer to send out heartfeltly praises the word. 

the company’s product is widely utilized by the domestic numerous well-known enterprise in packing domains and so on drugs, food, electronic, chemical, automobile product. enterprise many years by the commodity inspection bureau were determined continuously to the export commodity to pack a kind of enterprise, a dangerous articles package kind of enterprise, are zhejiang province “aaa” the level prestige enterprise, five years are named continuously by the pinghu city bureau of industry and commerce as “the heavy contract, defend the credit” the unit. in 2006 “star of the eastern” in the paper box quality comparison wins the silver award in a long triangle jiangsu and zhejiang shanghai two province one city.