jingxing paper firmly implements general secretary xi jinping's "two mountains" theory and the needs of ecological civilization, actively responds to national environmental protection calls, and uses green paper as the main development direction, and strives to achieve harmonious development of papermaking and environmental friendly.

while the company continues to expand, it always keeps in mind the responsibilities and obligations given to us by the society. since its establishment, it has always adhered to the concept of green and clean development, adhered to clean production, prevented pollution, and achieved sustainable development. in order to fundamentally solve the pollution problem and make better use of the comprehensive utilization level of resources, the company has always adhered to the scientific pollution control concept and continuously consolidated the pollution control level and improved pollution control through the "four new" applications of new technologies, new equipment, new processes and new methods. ability. in the course of the construction of ecological civilization, the company invested a large amount of special funds for environmental pollution control to upgrade the company's various pollution control systems to meet the increasingly demanding environmental protection.

the company has always been at the forefront of pollution control in the industry, introducing the first high-efficiency anaerobic reactor for wastewater treatment in the papermaking industry in the province, strengthening wastewater treatment capacity, and strengthening terminal wastewater reuse through double membrane treatment (uf ro) to reduce total emissions; at the same time, the introduction of high-pressure diaphragm plate and frame processing systems to improve the efficiency of curing treatment; furthermore, the construction of environmental upgrading projects such as slag not landing, fan silencer, photovoltaic power generation, waste gas capping collection, anaerobic biogas recovery and utilization it has raised the company's overall water, gas, solid, sound environment management and energy conservation and consumption reduction levels to a new level.

based on the importance and effectiveness of environmental protection work, the company has been leading the environmental protection development trend of the paper industry, and has successively won the "national water efficiency leader", "national water-saving benchmarking enterprise", "resource-saving environmental-friendly enterprise", and an award-winning unit.