since its establishment, jingxing paper has always adhered to the safety production policy of "safety first, prevention first, and building a harmonious and safe working environment", and regards safety production as the top priority. the company strictly complies with relevant national laws and regulations such as the “safety production law of the people ’s republic of china”, continuously improves various safety production rules and regulations, and improves the level of safety in production management. it has won many advanced production safety units, advanced fire safety safety units, and safety management personnel. honored as a pacesetter in production safety and advanced management in fire safety.

establish and improve the safety production management system and promote the safety production responsibility system step by step

in order to establish a good atmosphere of "safe production, everyone has responsibility", the company has established an iso45001 occupational health and safety management system, a dual prevention mechanism, and standardized three-tier enterprises through safe production. through the signing of responsibility letters for production safety, the safety indicators are quantified and detailed, and strict assessment is conducted. in order to improve the importance of work safety, we vigorously promote the "one job and two responsibilities" system and the "one vote veto" system. we must be burdened by everyone, with indicators on everyone's head.

publicity and education on production safety with two hands, one with safety awareness education, and one with safety skills training

in many years of safety management practice, we have realized that only by carrying out regular safety education for employees and improving the safety awareness of all employees can we achieve results in safety work. at the same time, through safety month and fire month, the company organized various activities such as safety education for all employees, safety knowledge competitions, i looked for hidden dangers around me, emergency rescue drills and other activities. through continuous training and education and various safety activities, the company's safety culture has gradually become stronger, and employees' awareness and awareness of safety production have been further improved.

strengthen on-site management and actively investigate and manage hidden dangers

on-site management and hidden danger investigation and management have always been the focus of our company's safety management. on-site management mainly starts from the on-site operating environment, the wear of workers' protective equipment, labor discipline, and operating procedures. safety inspection runs through the entire production process, from company-level comprehensive inspections, special inspections, daily inspections, seasonal inspections, holiday inspections and temporary inspections to department-level inspections, daily inspections of teams and employees, and self-inspection of employees to achieve full staffing. comprehensive, whole-process security monitoring. hidden danger investigation includes: personnel safety awareness, implementation of rules and regulations, education and training, on-site safety protection facilities, and special equipment operation. for the hidden hazards detected, the safety management issued a notice of rectification of the hidden hazards in a timely manner. the hidden hazard unit carried out the rectification in a timely manner in accordance with the principle of "four determinations and three no pushes". after the rectification of the hidden hazards was completed, the safety management department timely organized a review and verification. through the steps of inspection-rectification-acceptance, the closed-loop management of hidden safety hazards is realized, so as to establish a long-term mechanism for hidden dangers investigation and management, to avoid and reduce the occurrence of safety accidents.

ensure safety investment and realize essential safety

during the construction of the production line, the company uses a large number of advanced production technology, production equipment and safety protection devices to improve the automation level of the production line and reduce the labor intensity of employees. the company has successively established video security monitoring systems, intelligent visitor management systems, human-vehicle separation barrier systems, vehicle identification systems, intrusion alarm systems, etc. through a large amount of safety capital investment, the level of safety technical defense and the degree of intrinsic safety are improved to reduce and avoid accidents.

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