zhejiang jingxing paperboard co., ltd.

zhejiang jingxing paperboard co., ltd. was established in march 2007 with a total investment of 64 million us dollars. it was jointly invested and established by zhejiang jingxing paper co., ltd. and australian sear co., ltd. the company has a registered capital of 44.5 million us dollars. the company is mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of cardboard, paper products and papermaking raw materials.

the company's annual output of 450,000 tons of green and environmentally friendly packaging paper project began in november 2005. after 20 months of hard work of the builders, it was formally completed and put into operation on september 23, 2007. this project is included in the third batch of national key technological transformation “double high and one excellent” project-oriented plan and 2005 provincial key construction project of zhejiang province. it conforms to the national industrial policy and belongs to a comprehensive resource utilization project encouraged by the state. the total project investment is 8.6 100 million yuan.

the product produced by the project is high-strength, low-gram-weight kraft boxboard. the main raw materials are waste paper and commercial wood pulp, which reduces the generation of papermaking wastewater from the source. the multi-disc white water recycling machine from voith in norway was introduced to improve the white water cycle. utilize and reduce waste water discharge; introduce the internal circulation anaerobic reactor of holland parker to build a 25000 m3 / d first-level waste water treatment station, adopt anaerobic aerobic biochemical treatment, and discharge the waste water to jiaxing sewage pipe after reaching the standard network; papermaking sludge, which is incinerated by thermal power plants; the steam required for the project is provided by thermal power plants; the impact on the environment is minimized.

pinghu jingxing packaging materials co., ltd.

pinghu jingxing packaging material co., ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of zhejiang jingxing paper co., ltd. it is located in the center of the hangjiahu plain——jingxing industrial park, caoqiao street, pinghu city, zhejiang province, shanghai-hangzhou expressway, hangpu the expressway and zhajiasu expressway run through the territory, and it is an hour's drive from shanghai, hangzhou, suzhou, and ningbo, and the transportation is very convenient. the company was founded in 1997 with a registered capital of 20 million yuan and covers an area of 58,000 square meters. it has one imported five-layer cardboard production line (with a door width of 2500mm) and two seven-layer cardboard production lines (2500mm and 1800mm). a large-scale box-making linkage line, five sets of three to five-color printing slotting die-cutting machines, and more than thirty other supporting equipment, with an annual production capacity of 100 million square meters, the company is equipped with a complete set of carton testing equipment. customer requirements are the direction of jingxing packaging, and customer satisfaction is the persistent pursuit of jingxing packaging. relying on the parent company's resource advantages in raw paper supply guarantee and power and steam supporting guarantee, it focuses on the business purpose of meeting customer needs and exceeding customer expectations, and is dedicated to building an industry-leading paper product packaging company.

the company has been committed to the introduction and application of advanced management methods for development. since the establishment of the company, it has paid great attention to the basic management of the enterprise and has standardized and complete various systems. in 1999 and 2002, the company successively passed the audit and certification of iso9001 quality management system and iso14001 environmental management system. in 2006, it passed the qualification certification of dangerous goods packaging production enterprises under the state administration of commodity inspection. passed ohsas18001 occupational health and safety management system certification in 2011 and fsc® forest system certification in 2015. it laid a solid foundation for enterprise products to participate in market competition, and the "jingxing" brand enjoyed a high reputation in china. while developing, we should actively respond to environmental protection policy requirements.

efficiency is a prerequisite for mass production. we firmly believe that only the better combination of efficiency and quality can produce the products we want in production. except that we have designed a closer production process than others, "don't bring anything except responsibility for work and nothing for work." don't stay ", it is the high sense of responsibility of our employees that enables our tight processes to run smoothly and also ensures that we are in a leading position in the industry.

it is impossible to produce high-quality products without excellent equipment, which is the unbreakable truth in industrial manufacturing. jingbao people know this, so our pursuit of technology has never stopped. now the company has three advanced corrugated cardboard production lines and five-color flexo printing box linkage lines, especially the production lines and systems imported from germany and france. the box linkage line enables our production automation control to be comprehensively and effectively improved. it is the tight, precise and strict production process that keeps us in a leading position in the market competition.

we have dedicated after-sales service personnel to ensure that the rights of customers are protected to the greatest extent. when customers complain to us about a certain problem with the product, we will respond to the customer's complaint as soon as possible. in order to prevent customers from affecting production due to product problems, after ensuring the customer's interests to the greatest extent, we will conduct a comprehensive investigation of the problem to verify the cause of the problem, draw conclusions, and formulate targeted corrections preventive measures, so we not only provide customers with high-quality products, but also high-quality services, and reflect the company's slogan: emphasis on quality, excellent service, and constantly enhance customer satisfaction.

the environment is the common wealth of our human beings. while making money, jingbao people always keep in mind the optimization of human living space and sustainable development, and keep in mind the principles of taking from nature and returning to nature. jingbao people have spared no effort to protect the environment, protect the environment, prevent pollution, continue to improve, and practice green packaging is our policy. we are committed to: comply with national and local environmental protection laws, regulations and other regulations; continuously improve processes, rational use of resources and energy, and eliminate waste; reduce or control the generation and discharge of waste, prevent pollution, and continuously improve environmental performance; expand "green packaging" advocates "green consumption".

nanjing jingxing paper co., ltd.

nanjing jingxing paper co., ltd. has built a factory in late 1998 and started production in june 1999. after the expansion and expansion, the existing number of engineering and technical personnel is 10, 2 are senior engineers, 2 are accountants, 1 is an economist, and graduated from college. 30 students, zhejiang jingxing paper co., ltd. is a wholly-owned holding company specializing in the production of various types of corrugated cardboard and carton (with packaging and decoration, product barcode printing qualifications).

the company has a total investment of 108.88 million yuan and a registered capital of 43.88 million yuan. it is located in the scenic nanjing lishui economic development zone. the factory is strategically located. the company is adjacent to major industrial cities such as maanshan, zhenjiang, and changzhou in anhui, and ninghang, yanjiang, and ninggao highways. the road leads directly to the plant area, and the transportation is convenient. the plant covers an area of 61,000 square meters, the plant area is 39,080 square meters, and the annual designed production capacity is 70 million square meters. the company has passed the iso9001 quality management system certification and iso14001 environmental management system certification. it always adheres to the quality management policy of "customer demand is the hard work direction of jingxing packaging, customer satisfaction is the persistent pursuit of jingxing packaging" and "protect the environment and prevent first. "comply with the law and continuous improvement" environmental management policy, to customers with the "lowest quality and the same price, the best quality of the same price" commitment, and provide customers with a full range of high-quality, efficient services, stand out from the increasingly incandescent competition , become the top 3 corrugated box packaging industry in nanjing area and a model of the packaging industry.

shanghai jingxing industrial investment co., ltd.

shanghai jingxing industrial investment co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "shanghai haixingxing") was established on march 6, 2007 with a registered capital of 200 million yuan, and is wholly-owned by zhejiang jingxing paper co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "company") subsidiary.

since its establishment, shanghai jingxing has not only played a prominent role as a window department of listed companies, maintained a good image of the company in the capital market, but also as a company's external investment subject, looking for all favorable investment opportunities for the company, and successively invested in zhejiang shapu aisi pharmaceutical co., ltd., aiteke holding group co., ltd., shanghai hongji environmental protection technology co., ltd., shanghai zhida technology development co., ltd., qingdao etouch digital technology co., ltd., qingdao cloud shopping link technology co., ltd. shanghai gimpo m & a equity investment fund partnership (limited partnership), xuancheng zhenghai capital venture capital fund (limited partnership), anji zhenghai jinan investment partnership (limited partnership) and other companies.

jingxing holdings (malaysia) berhad

jingxing holdings (malaysia) co., ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of jingxing paper co., ltd. established in selangor, malaysia. this project is a new pulp and paper manufacturing base established in malaysia by jingxing paper in response to the national “one belt, one road” strategic policy and in response to the local government's industrial structure adjustment strategy. .

the project plans to produce 1.4 million tons of pulp and paper annually with a total investment of about 300 million us dollars. the world's most advanced manufacturing equipment and technology will be selected, and the most advanced management concepts will be used to meet customer needs to the greatest extent. at present, the progress of the project is in line with expectations, and a series of work such as preliminary site selection, approval, and planning have been completed.

zhejiang jingxing venture capital co., ltd.

zhejiang jingxing venture capital co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the company) was established in 2016 with a registered capital of rmb 100 million. it is mainly engaged in venture capital and venture capital management. it is a wholly-owned subsidiary of zhejiang jingxing paper co., ltd.

since the establishment of the company, it has invested in some high-quality companies in the environmental protection, pharmaceutical, and internet industries. at the same time, it will continue to adhere to the concept of "integrity cooperation, pioneering and innovative, stable and efficient, and striving for first-class", and on the road of pe investment or vc investment continue to look for more opportunities for cooperation with high-quality companies.

pinghu kangtai microfinance co., ltd.

pinghu kangtai small loan co., ltd. is the first batch of zhejiang province to be approved for trial and approved by the provincial financial office. pinghu's first company specializing in financial services such as loans, corporate financial consulting, and wealth management. the company has a scientific management model, flexible mechanism, loans for "agriculture, rural areas and farmers", operating principles of "small amount, decentralization", and fast and convenient service purposes. loans and services solve the urgent needs of the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises and individual customers, and support the development of the local economy in pinghu.

longsheng commercial co., ltd.

longsheng commercial co., ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of zhejiang jingxing paper co., ltd., with a registered capital of approximately 300,000 us dollars, and is mainly engaged in the trading of waste paper.

atk holdings group co., ltd.

 atk is an environment company comprising of investment, r&d, manufacturing, construction and operation in one group of companies.atk is the only company in wuxi city region that successfully received two awards of “thousand person plan”and “jiangsu province innovative individual program & jiangsu enterprise doctorate plan" in having high-tech talent enterprises.

 atk has several constituent companies: jiangsu atk environmental engineering co., ltd, jiangsu atk environmental engineering design&research institute ltd, atk environmental new material(japan)research institute, wuxi idem precision machinery co., ltd, jiangsu atk chemical industry co.,ltd, jiangsu atk flame retardant materials co., ltd, alar atk water co.,ltd,wugang atk water co.,ltd ,qindao sinochem environmental science and technology co.,ltd,jin city ningneng waste disposal co.,ltd . 

the main business is the production and sales of environmental water treatment equipments, ecological materials (environmental purification materials / substitute materials / repair materials), and the construction and operation of ep, epc and bot projects for municipal wastewater projects.

atk possesses grade a qualification of environmental pollution control facilities, the first class qualification of environmental protection engineering, special design class b qualification for environmental engineering, mechanical and electrical equipment installation professional contract class two qualification, the third class qualification of general-contracting for municipal public works, people's republic of china foreign contracting project qualification of the ministry of commerce, etc. atk has also passed quality certification of china classification society, iso9001︰2008 quality certification, iso14001︰2004 environmental management system certification, certification of occupational health and safety management system, etc.

the group also gains lots of honors such as "china environmental engineering 50 strong enterprises", "chinese private science and technology enterprise", "chinese outstanding private enterprises", “national torch high technology industry backbone enterprise", "jiangsu provincial environmental protection industry backbone enterprises", "high-tech enterprise", "national torch plan key high tech enterprise of jiangsu province, “the innovative enterprise ",      "jiangsu province outstanding enterprise intellectual property management standardization demonstration advanced unit ". atk has sucessfully realized the strategic policy of paying equal attention to social benefits and self-development.

atk responds positively to the strategic plan of developing enterprises through science and technology and built research team with strong r&d capability. the group has an area of over 6000 m2 of r&d building and well-equipped infrastructure. by the relevant government departments have been identified as "jiangsu province postdoctoral innovation base, jiangsu province enterprise graduate workstation", "jiangsu province key enterprises and research institutions", "jiangsu province suspended material engineering technology research center", "jiangsu province environmental protection heavy metal waste water treatment and resource engineering technology center, wuxi city suspended filter material engineering technology research center", "enterprise technology center in wuxi".

atk has undertaken 28 national and provincial scientific research projects including“863” major science and technology projects, “11th five-year” science and technology support program, “12th five-year” science and technology support program (in research 4) and nedo major international cooperation projects, international cooperation projects, national torch plan. to complete the identification of scientific and technological achievements 5 applications of international and 2 invention patents, 46 national invention patents, 44 utility model patents and published more than 30 papers.

atk persists in its enterprise concept “innovation makes the distance, science&technology in the future”, adheres to its development goals” promote environment and return back to nature”.the group also bulid its enterprise spirit as“progressive, situation-size up, broad view, sincere behaviour” which constantly brings into full play of creative inspiration and service spirit of all staff.

zhejiang infrotronic intelligent machinery technology co.,ltd.

zhejiang infrotronic intelligent machinery technology co.,ltd. is a joint venture of jingxing co.,ltd. (joint-stock code: 002067), with a registered capital of 30 million yuan. the company is located in jiaxing, zhejiang, 60km from shanghai. covering an area of 30000 square meters and a construction area of 20000 square meters.

infrotronic intelligent is committed to building a world-class intelligent and digital factory that meets the industrial 4.0 standard for leading enterprises in various industries in china.

infrotronic intelligent is a state-level high-tech enterprise that has passed iso9001 system certification and won honorary titles such as zhejiang provincial r&d center, jiaxing municipal technology center and jiaxing pioneering and innovative talent enterprise. infrotronic intelligent is the drafting member unit of the national standard for industrial robots and also the drafting unit of the national standard for metal cutting lathes. and has many invention patents and software pg电子游戏 copyright.

akihito has an international core technology team, bringing in japanese industrial intelligent technology experts and core technology members from well-known japanese robot companies. infrotronic intelligent has all-round technical capabilities in software, intelligent control, electricity, robots, big data, industrial cloud technology, machinery and precision manufacturing.

at present, the company has 50 technicians, including 3 japanese chief engineers and 10 senior engineers. the company has established long-term cooperative relations with japan's almac automation co.,ltd. and the robot research institute of shanghai jiaotong university.