advanced manufacturing

advanced manufacturing

the good hardware equipment is the prerequisite for enterprises to produce high-quality products. at present, the company has five international advanced industrial paper production lines in the 21st century (width is 5650mm2, respectively). 5100mm, 4850mm and 4800mm), 5 household paper production lines (2 crescent paper machines with a width of 5650mm, 2 crescent paper machines with a width of 2850mm and 1 vacuum net paper machine with a width of 2860mm), which laid a solid foundation for producing high-quality products.

the company earlier period production''s annual production 450,000 ton environmental protection green packing paper project total investment amounts to 850,000,000 yuan, becomes paper breadth 5650mm, work vehicle speed 1000m/min, is the present zhejiang province single plane output is highest, the scale to be biggest, one of equipment level most advanced cowhide shook paper papermaking assembly lines, the entire pulping line main body equipment by has rich occ scrap paper processing experience''s american kbc corporation to provide, and auxiliary by cellwood corporation advanced heat dispersion system, had guaranteed the pulping line becomes the thick liquid quality the stability; the paper mill makes outstandingly by the finnish us, the equipment has the advanced dilution current of water thick liquid box, boots type squeezing and the controllable high fever roller hard rolling and so on key equipment, the especially entire strip production line has advanced, perfect dcs and the qcs system, increased the system regulation control precision, had guaranteed the product quality stable and the superiority, the world first-class production equipment''s utilization has provided the powerful support for the corporate growth and market competitiveness''s promotion.

the company has an advanced corrugated cardboard production line imported from germany and a five-color flexo-printing box linkage line imported from france, so that the production automation control is comprehensively and effectively improved. the german bhs star of excellence five-layer corrugated cardboard production line is designed with a maximum speed of 300 meters per minute and an annual production capacity of 100 million square meters. this assembly line adopts the most advanced international production technology, which is highly intelligent. it is equipped with qdm, which can memorize and retrieve the production data of the order to ensure stable operation. at the same time, the corrugated roller adopts the chuck installation and peripheral heating method, and the corrugated roller can be replaced the fastest 15 minutes, greatly improving the corrugation efficiency. french bobst (boost) ffg 8.20 automatic carton linkage line, the production speed can reach 24,000 cartons / hour, only 3 people can easily operate the machine, is the first domestic carton linkage production line of this model. the entire line has a fast setting function, which can complete the order change in only 1-2 minutes. it can slot the box with ultra-efficient production rules. it has a soc function (the order is automatically in place after the previous order is completed), five-color printing, and automatic printing error correction. features.

system management

jingxing paper took the lead in the same industry to pass the iso9001 quality management system and iso14001 environmental management system certification, in 2014 passed the ohsas18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, in 2015 passed gb / t23331 energy management system and fsc® forest system certification, passed in 2018 certification of integration management of two industries.

the company integrates six management systems as the basis to form 13 management modules. through the establishment of an inspection network, the company is committed to improving the self-management system, continuously exploring scientific management, implementing advanced management methods such as case management and lean production to ensure the effectiveness of process management. after long-term thinking and practice, a "pyramid" management model with jingxing characteristics has been formed.


technology r & d

jingxing paper technology research and development center was established in 1995. in 2006, it was approved by the zhejiang provincial economic and trade commission to become a "provincial enterprise technology center". after years of construction, the technology center has a full range of chemical, raw material analysis, and test instruments. advanced equipment, equipped with chemical analysis room, raw material analysis room, pilot plant and constant temperature and humidity test center. the "provincial enterprise research institute" was established in 2015 and was identified as the "provincial key enterprise research institute" by the zhejiang provincial science and technology department in 2023.

jingxing paper enterprise research institute attaches great importance to the combination of industry, university and research in scientific and technological innovation. it has successively worked with zhejiang university, south china university of technology, zhejiang university of technology, shaanxi university of science and technology, qilu university of technology, zhejiang university of science and technology, hangzhou institute of chemical technology colleges and scientific research institutions establish long-term cooperative relationships, and according to the needs of scientific and technological innovation projects, hire domestic and foreign industry experts, professors, senior engineers, doctors and other high-end talents in the innovation chain to participate in project management, development, pilot test and technology guide work.

jingxing paper enterprise research institute has developed a series of special packaging paper for high-strength cigarette boxes, a series of high-strength and low-quantity kraft packaging paper, a series of high-strength environmental protection bobbins, a series of special paper for freezer boxes, environmentally-friendly white-faced cattle cards, and high-strength moisture-proof e-commerce wrapping paper, silky toilet paper, moisturizing toilet paper and other products have won 26 provincial-level new products, of which high-strength and low-quantity kraft boxboard has been included in "national new products" and "environment-friendly low-gram-weight high-strength corrugated base paper" "the second prize of scientific and technological progress in jiaxing city. he successively undertook the completion of pinghu science and technology development plan project "environmental-friendly low-quantity high-strength white-faced kraft paper development and industrialization" and the zhejiang province science and technology department's major special project "research and demonstration project of key technologies for micro-discharge of wastewater and papermaking dcs control". complete with zhejiang university to undertake the research and development of the "national 13th five-year plan" major project of water pollution control and treatment technology-jiaxing water pollution coordination control and water source quality improvement project papermaking wastewater resource utilization and upgrading demonstration project.

the enterprise research institute attaches great importance to intellectual property protection and currently holds 56 patents

invention patent


utility model patents


appearance patent


invention patent pending


in recent years, the international situation has been complicated and changing. global industrial structure and international division of labor are ongoing. global industrial structure is changing. technological progress is rapid. a circular, low-carbon and green economy has become a new development theme. as the basic raw material manufacturing industry supporting the manufacturing industry, the paper industry will face severe challenges and strategic development opportunities in the new round of international competition. jingxing paper technology center will continue to deepen in the areas of clean papermaking, energy conservation and consumption reduction, and high-performance product development, and strive to reach the leading domestic level in all aspects of technology research and development and innovation, and partially reach international advanced levels.