zhejiang jingxing paperboard co., ltd.

zhejiang jingxing paperboard co., ltd. was established in march 2007 with a total investment of 64 million us dollars. it was jointly invested and established by zhejiang jingxing paper co., ltd. and australian sear co., ltd. the company has a registered capital of 44.5 million us dollars. the company is mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of cardboard, paper products and papermaking raw materials.

the company's annual output of 450,000 tons of green and environmentally friendly packaging paper project began in november 2005. after 20 months of hard work of the builders, it was formally completed and put into operation on september 23, 2007. this project is included in the third batch of national key technological transformation “double high and one excellent” project-oriented plan and 2005 provincial key construction project of zhejiang province. it conforms to the national industrial policy and belongs to a comprehensive resource utilization project encouraged by the state. the total project investment is 8.6 100 million yuan.

the product produced by the project is high-strength, low-gram-weight kraft boxboard. the main raw materials are waste paper and commercial wood pulp, which reduces the generation of papermaking wastewater from the source. the multi-disc white water recycling machine from voith in norway was introduced to improve the white water cycle. utilize and reduce waste water discharge; introduce the internal circulation anaerobic reactor of holland parker to build a 25000 m3 / d first-level waste water treatment station, adopt anaerobic aerobic biochemical treatment, and discharge the waste water to jiaxing sewage pipe after reaching the standard network; papermaking sludge, which is incinerated by thermal power plants; the steam required for the project is provided by thermal power plants; the impact on the environment is minimized.